Our community uses Signal 88, and we are thankful to have them! I am the manager at the community, and they are prompt on sending our nightly reports to me every. single. day! Their sales reps are always available to help with my questions, and have brainstormed ides with me multiple times 🙂

89 East Manager

We have used Signal 88 at our community for several years. They are dependable & always show up when they are called. The reps are very nice and accommodate you in any way they can. I always refer Signal 88 to other businesses looking to hire security patrol.

Samantha Hawpe

We have used Signal 88 at our complex for years. They are always prompt and very professional. The staff is easy to get ahold of should the need arise. I would recommend Signal 88 to anyone.

Eagle Point

I have used Signal 88 at my community for four years. The patrol officers are courteous and professional and take their jobs serious. I would highly recommend this company to watch and patrol your business. If anything happens while on duty, they will report it and take any necessary action to resolve the problem. Great company!

Donna Schoppel

Signal 88 is a true servant to our community here in Tulsa. Our organization has witnessed first hand the impact they provide to those in need. It's amazing to see a company not only serve and protect their clients but also the people in their city. This company is truly focused on the common good of the people. It's an honor to partner with them!

YBT Oklahoma

Signal 88 Security of Tulsa is a group of dedicated and professional officers who know how to get the job done. This security company has it going on. They have all up to date equipment and technology needed to get the mission accomplished. I guarantee if you pick Signal 88 Security of Tulsa you will not be disappointed on their duties, actions and responsibilities. I give them 10 out of 10 rating for performance, dedication and getting the job done.

Al Thompson

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Tulsa main: 918-289-6835

Little Rock: 501-804-8276

Cell: 918-408-6746

Email: mlowry@signal88.com